There are certain thrills in life that one never forgets—like your wedding day, the birth of your children, and when your favorite team wins the World Series.  Though, of course, for Chicago Cubs fans like me you never get to experience the latter thrill.  Oh well.  Still, two out of three ain’t bad.  Anyway, for me this week has brought a thrill that compares to all of those:  My wife’s first book was released.  Woo hoo!

It’s entitled Letting Go of Perfect, and its about the common struggle women face as they deal with the tension between cultural expectations on the one hand and the ideal of being truly authentic on the other.  Even after several close readings (in the process of editing it), I still love reading it.  Every page is full of both humor and theological insight, which as a writer myself would really make me struggle with envy if I wasn’t married to the author.  Well, okay, I do struggle with envy anyway.  But I’m working through that.

Anyway, check out the book.  And if you’d like to have Amy Spiegel speak at your church, school, women’s group, retreat or some other event, just let her know.

Finally, in conjunction with the book, Amy has started another blog, called Ah, Crabapples, which is about seeing God’s hand at work in everyday things.  But don’t worry, she’ll continue to post here at Wisdom and Folly as well.  What a multi-tasker.  She might have let go of perfect, but she seems pretty close to me!

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  1. Jen


    Wouldn’t the world be a lot better if we could all just be who we should be, rough edges and all? Sounds like a great book with an always-needed message, and one that I have fought hard to learn myself. For me, making art has been the voice of God I needed to do it! Good luck w/ your book…


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