Q:  So, Jim and Amy, which of you is wisdom and which one is folly?
A:  That depends on the topic and the time of day.

Q:  Are you husband and wife or brother and sister?
A:  Sometimes we’re not sure.  Ask our kids.

Q:  Where do you live?
A:  Our residence is in Bedford, Indiana.  But we live wherever our bodies happen to be located at any particular time.

Q:  When was the Magna Carta signed and what was Ty Cobb’s lifetime batting average?
A:  Hey, that’s two questions in one!

Q:  What’s wrong—too dull to answer both at once?
A:  Not at all, watch this:  1215 and .366.

Q:  Are you sure you don’t have those figures reversed?
A:  Very funny, wise guy/gal.  Go back to your cubicle.