In the coming weeks, a number of bloggers will be posting reviews or interviews with me about my book, The Making of an Atheist.  Some of these have already begun to appear.  Joe Gorra interviews me at the EPS Blog, and Frank Turk has posted a very thoughtful review over at Evangel, the First Things blog.  Also, Chris Reese has posted a two-part interview and my responses to some readers’ questions at Cloud of Witnesses.  The entire schedule is below.  These are all superb blogs, most of which feature content related to apologetics and/or issues related to faith and culture.  I invite you to check them out.

Blog Name Blogger Posting Date
EPS Blog Joe Gorra February 10
Cloud of Witnesses Chris Reese February 14-15
Evangel Frank Turk February 17 Rich Park February 22-24
Truthbomb Apologetics Chad Gross February 25-27
Triablogue Peter Pike March 1-3
Apologetics 315 Brian Auten March 4-6
Mike Austin’s blog Mike Austin March 8-10
The Seventh Sola Joel Griffith March 11-13
EPS Blog Steve Cowan March 15-17
TeamPyro Frank Turk TBD
Doug Geivett’s blog Doug Geivett March 22-24
Say Hello to my Little Friend Glenn Peoples March 25-27 Jim Wallace March 29-31
Just Thinking William Dicks April 1-3
Oversight of Souls Ray Van Neste April 5-7
Constructive Curmudgeon Doug Groothuis April 8-10
A-Team Blog Roger Overton April 12-14

5 Responses to “Blog Tour for The Making of an Atheist”

  1. Chuck


    Hmmmmm . . .

    No atheist blogs?

    You should show the same courage at least as an Atheist (or anti-theist) like Hitchens did and put yourself in direct contact with those you judge, as he did when he presented his case in person at bible conferences across America.

    Why are you only engaging those who already agree with your premise?

    Seems a little circular.

    I understand it as a good PR strategy but, not something I would expect coming from one as confident as you in asserting his truth claims.


  2. Jim Spiegel



    First, you’ll be interested to know that I did a podcast for And I’m happy to engage any other atheists or agnostics. However, I am not pursuing this, because, unlike Hitchens’ God is Not Great, my book does not aim to show that atheism is false so much as to give an explanatory account of unbelief. And, since my account is in large part Scripturally derived, I suppose most atheists would not be interested in engaging me. Still, as I said, I’m willing to engage anyone on the issue.


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