The release date for Amy’s debut book, Letting Go of Perfect, has been moved up to May 1.  Originally it was slated for a July release, but the editing process has moved quickly, hence the change.

I’m very excited about the book and can’t wait to hear readers’ responses.  Amy’s editor at B&H raves about her work, and deservedly so.  As readers of this blog know, Amy has a knack for couching theological and cultural insights in conversational prose that is full of zesty wit.

I had the pleasure to help edit the book, and it was a joy, at least when I wasn’t struggling with envy.  I do wish I had my wife’s talent.  Oh well.  If you can’t beat ’em . . . be married to ’em.  That’s what I always say.

4 Responses to “Coming Soon: Letting Go of Perfect”

  1. Lee Bell


    Can’t say enough good about the author and content of this book. This is truly an objective opinion written by her Dad.

  2. Lezlie


    This has been a theme in my life for the last…oh…5 years or so. (I’ll refrain from trying to recall PRECISELY.) I look forward to reading this! Congratulations on hard work completed!


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