Like most folks, I was appalled at the recent assault of a student by Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC).  Granted, the student accosted him without warning and asked a direct question (“Do you fully support the Obama agenda?”) without prompting.  But to physically attack the young man in that way was simply unconscionable.  Why would Etheridge react with such hostility?  And why would he refuse to answer such a simple question?

So does Etheridge support the Obama agenda?  If nothing else, it appears that he is emulating the President regarding finding an “ass to kick”.  Pretty sad.

2 Responses to “A Congressman’s Assault”

  1. Eric Haas


    Etheridge was definitely out of line in attacking the student, but the question is not as simple as you suggest. What exactly is “the Obama agenda”?

  2. Jim Spiegel



    You’ve just proposed a very easy response to the student’s question: “What exactly is the ‘Obama agenda’?” That’s all Etheridge had to say in response in order to take the burden off of himself and place it on the student. That, at least, would have been a simple response, even if the phrase is too general or ambiguous. Having said that, I think Etheridge, like most Americans, has a pretty good idea of what Obama’s policy positions and goals for the country are–regarding health care, energy, foreign policy, education, etc.


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