I am doing a blog tour for my book, Gum, Geckos, and God, and it begins TODAY. For the next two weeks, a dozen different bloggers will post my answers to their questions about my book, and they will share their own thoughts about it as well. The subjects and themes of the participating blogs range from theology and culture to homeschooling and family issues. But what all of the bloggers have in common is a Christian perspective and a thoughtful approach to faith and culture.

The blog tour schedule is below. I hope you’ll drop by and perhaps even join the conversation. For more information about Gum, Geckos, and God. See the “related website” link to the right.

  • July 21 Spunky Homeschool
  • July 22 Beauty from the Heart
  • July 23 At a Hen’s Pace
  • July 24 A Holy Experience
  • July 25 Family Voice
  • July 28 Ted Wins
  • July 29 In a Mirror Dimly
  • July 30 Oversight of Souls
  • July 31 Christians in Context
  • Aug. 1 The A-Team Blog
  • Aug. 4 Embarking
  • Aug. 5 Challies.com

  • 3 Responses to “Blog Tour for Gum, Geckos, and God”

    1. Andrew


      Thanks for posting the schedule, Jim. I look forward to being a virtual tour groupie.

    2. Spunky


      Congratulations on publishing your book! I enjoyed it tremendously.

      Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the blog tour. I wish you all the best in your book tour and in all you endeavor to do.

      Blessings to you and your family

    3. Luanne


      I also blogged on your book. We received a copy of your book at the Taylor’s freshman orientation. My son will be starting in August. I really enjoyed the read so far–I am half way through. I also enjoyed the awesome pictures in your powerpoint presentation—especially Barney Fife!! Here’s my blog– http://www.luannesblog.blogspot.com


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