1. The Illusion of Time — A few months ago I stumbled on this Nova series “Fabric of the Cosmos,” narrated by Columbia University physicist Brian Greene.  I was transfixed by the second installment in the series entitled “The Illusion of Time” which explains the relativity of time in lay-friendly terms.  I defy you to watch the entire episode without uttering the word “wow.”

2. Doing Politics Well — This piece by Messiah College professor Dean Curry might be elementary in certain respects, but in the current atmosphere of division and rancor such balance is refreshing.

3. The Roots of Mass Murder — I have read numerous articles in response to the Newtown school shooting, but perhaps none as wise as this Washington Post commentary by Charles Krauthammer.

4. Life Imitating Art — Check out this disturbing story about a Ukranian teenager who wants to look like a cartoon character, specifically characters from Japanese anime films.  Apparently, she is considering undergoing eye surgery to make the change permanent.  Ugh.

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  1. TristanVick


    If you enjoyed Brian Greene’s Nova presentations based off of his books then I highly recommend the books!

    Fabric of the Cosmos is a bit challenging a read for newcomers to physics, though. It’s a mid level read. Nothing too complex, but he does get into some equations and more complex analogies than the standard popular cosmology/physics lit. Still, extremely well written with a lot of good information.

    If you really want your mind to be blown, read his book The Hidden Reality.


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