1. Cursive handwriting is almost a thing of the past, a fact that is bemoaned by many people.  Check out this piece in Prospect about the “Curse of Cursive Handwriting.”  My sentiments exactly.

2. Here is an interesting piece from the Chronicle of Higher Education about “The Quest for Permanent Novelty.”  It provokes reflection about the nature and purpose of art but also—presumably aside from the author’s intentions—thoughts about the ineradicable human desire for what is eternal.

3. And, in case you missed it, take a look at this clip where Senator Ted Cruz repeatedly asks U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder this question:  Would it be constitutional for a government drone to kill a suspect who poses no imminent threat.  Simple, right?  Not for Eric Holder.  Gulp.

4. Lastly, here is my Books & Culture review of Bob Dylan’s latest album, Tempest.

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