Worldview 101As a professor at a Christian college, I spend a lot of time training young people to think Christianly—building students’ knowledge of Christian doctrine and sharpening their critical thinking skills.  Many of my students received solid worldview training prior to college, but a disturbingly high number of others did not.  This makes me wonder:   How much better off would they be now in terms of their Christian faith and obedience if they had been better grounded in a Christian worldview?  And where would their faith be now if they had not attended a Christian college like the one where I teach?  I suppose the alarming statistics about the percentages of students who lose their faith in college might suggest an answer to the latter question.

In any case, whether a young person attends a Christian college or State U., I believe it is crucial that they are provided a solid foundation in Christian worldview prior to stepping foot on campus.  With this in mind, I am partnering with some colleagues in a new ministry devoted to just this task.  It is called Worldview 101 and is essentially a Christian worldview training camp for teens.  It will take the form of weekday and weekend camps that involve intensive training in biblical doctrine, Christian ethics, and apologetics.  All of the camps will be led by Christian philosophers who are highly skilled in teaching on the various aspects of Christian worldview.  One of the exciting distinctives of WV101 is that we come to you.  The instructors and camp coordinator go to your church, school, or off-site location and teach your youth in a place that is most convenient to you, thus eliminating the complicated logistics of arranging for travel, lodging, etc.

For more information about Worldview 101, look here.  We are now ready to start booking camps, which will begin this May.

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      All the info you need is at the WV101 website. Spread the word, particularly among pastors and youth directors that you know. We’d love to do a camp at your church and/or for churches in your area.



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