We thought we had heard the last of the questions about the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate.  Now, armed with new information, Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio is calling upon Congress to look into the matter as a matter of national security.  Arpaio is making his appeal based on an official study, led by Michael Zullo, chief investigator with Cold Case Posse, which has concluded that Obama’s birth certificate is actually fraudulent.  One major indicator concerns the box on the form for “Race of

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Father.”  The number “9” appears there, signifying “no information,” yet the box is not empty.  The word “African” is printed there.  This is also problematic because that term was not used as a racial indicator until the late 1980s, almost three decades after Obama’s birth.  Additionally, the birth number on the form is discrepant, according to the investigation.

So…the plot thickens.  We can expect the ad hominem attacks on Arpaio to grow more intense.  He has been a controversial sheriff, and some complain that his motives in undertaking the investigation were self-serving, specifically to draw attention away with problems with his agency.  Others will continue to politicize the investigation, arguing that the whole thing is motivated to undermine Obama’s re-election bid.  Of course, all of this might be true, but none of it is relevant if there really is significant evidence that Obama’s birth certificate was forged.

3 Responses to “Obama’s Birth Certificate a Forgery?”

  1. Chris


    I’ve actually done some thinking on this, and I’m not sure how important it is for our president to be born in the US anymore. Looking at it from two different perspectives, 1. someone could be born in the US, but still live their formative years outside of this countery and be eligible for the presidency, whereas 2. someone could be born outside of the country (to US citizens who could be abroad for various reasons) and live almost their entire life in the US and be ineligible. I’m not sure born in or out of the country really matters that much when comparing these scenarios…..However…..

    what I do have a problem with is, if this is true, then I think it darn near treasonous to knowingly defraud the American people in an effort to gain an office of which you are not eligible. Even if not, the complete lack of ethics involved in someone willing to lie on such a scale is frightening and worrisome and reason enough to have them removed immediately from the presidency. All of this with the caveat of, if this is true, because really I’m in no mood to deal with ad hominem attacks against myself of being a “birther”.

  2. Ben


    I think there maybe something to this. All I’ve heard is a case against Obama vs. Fear of that conclusion being true and Stigmatization. *sings* “very supersticious” 🙂


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