Amy and I are constantly amazed at the things that come out of our kids’ mouths.  No, I’m not referring to regurgitant (though this can be amazing in its own right) but to their words.  Here are a few recent lines from our four little philosophers:

“I am the king of potato wedges” (Andrew Spiegel, 4) — This proclamation was made by our youngest after dinner one evening during our recent family vacation.  Because of his capacity to “put away the groceries,” as we like to say (not to mention his special taste for spuds) no one thought to challenge his claim.

“I’ve decided to sell some of my cute” (Maggie Spiegel, 6) — This statement was made by our daughter after I had developed the habit of telling her she was “too cute.”  Leave it to our little girl to interpret this simple idiom as a statement of a problem to be solved.  I forgot to ask her how she planned to execute her plan.

“The state bird for hell is the vulture” (Sam Spiegel, 7) — While driving Sam to one of his baseball games this summer the conversation turned to state birds.  Always eager to integrate theology with any topic, he came out with this one.  Strangely, I found it difficult to deny its truth.

“Cussing is just an adult’s way of whining” (Bailey Spiegel, 10) — Bailey made this assertion after hearing some people using foul language.  It has since come in handy on several occasions.  And it’s an insight that reminds me that all vice is, in one way or another, childish.

4 Responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes”

  1. Thaddeus Fennig


    This was hysterical (glad Google Chrome has spell-check). I’m going to use Bailey’s quote when talking about profanity with my students this year.


  2. Alli


    These are fantastic, but our favorite recent Spiegel kid quote missed making the list somehow. Please tell Bailey thanks for thinking Desmond was an exception!


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