The last few days have been very busy for me, as I was interviewed for eleven different radio programs about my book and the “Pray for an Atheist” campaign on Facebook.  You can listen to my interview with Chris Arnzen on the Iron Sharpens Iron program, which is broadcast in New York City.  (Click on the MP3 link for March 30.)

Also, Troy Anderson has written a fine story for To the Source about the PFA campaign, which you can check out here.

As for the Pray for an Atheist page, it’s busier than ever, with over 1500 fans and new posts every minute.  Please get in the action and commit to praying for an atheist (or several of them) daily.  (If you are an atheist, then why not pray to the God who “might” be there?  More on this approach in my next post.)

5 Responses to “Pray for an Atheist — Interviews and Updates”

  1. Austin Gravley


    Being involved with the Pray for an Atheist campaign has, I freely admit, been a spiritual war. I knew that there were people who hated God, but I never knew the ferociousness of it until I started trying to talk to people. The amount of anger and hatred directed to something you dont think exists has been alarming, something I’m not used to. But, I’ve gathered a list of atheists that I’ve talked with, and I’ve been praying for them. I just hope I’ll have the strength to keep talking…there are times I wish I could just tune this reality out.

    But then I would be a coward.

    I will not be one.

  2. Jim Spiegel



    Your comments express my thoughts and feelings as well. And I appreciate your resolve. Keep up the good work, brother.

  3. Pastor Moe


    My concern is…I don’t see a lot of prayer going on. Nor a lot of testimonies of conversion and discipleship

    Just a lot of Christian bashing…i am missing the “profit” in this. Help me understand.

  4. Jim Spiegel


    Pastor Moe,

    Good point about all of the Christian bashing. And that was my concern from the start. Soon after the page was created, it was mobbed by atheists. But I think this is very revealing in itself. (“Methinks thou doth protest too much…”)

    As for your not seeing prayer going on, well, that’s really up to us as individuals–whether we will respond prayerfully or not. I haven’t posted any of my prayers, but I have prayed extensively for the last few months for five particular atheist friends of mine. Have they converted yet? Apparently not. But I’m prepared to pray for years, if necessary. Some people prayed for me for years before I converted. And I thank God they were so patient and persevering in their prayers.


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