I’ve been reflecting on our narcissistic culture lately, and as I’ve considered that I am part of that culture and just as prone to self-absorption as anyone, I decided to create some self-probing questions as a sort of reality check.  And so, gentle reader, I share them with you:

  1. You know how you think that most of your troubles in life are not your fault?  Have you considered that you’re possibly wrong about that?
  2. Is your life really more difficult than most?  Or does it just seem that way because you’re self-centered?
  3. You know those sins of other people that you refuse to forgive?  Do you really think that you haven’t done things equally bad or worse?
  4. Think about your greatest accomplishment in life.  How much are other people actually impressed by that?  Do they even care?
  5. Think of all the times that you’ve been disappointed in someone because you discovered they weren’t as interesting or respectable as you initially thought they were.  Have you considered that many people have been similarly disappointed in you?
  6. You know how you keep hoping that your life will get easier?  The odds are that it won’t, and your life might actually get harder.
  7. Think about the average human being.  Have you considered that in thinking about that person, you’re thinking about yourself?
  8. And if you’re actually better than most people at some things, do you really believe that people like you more because of that?  Do you like people more when they’re more talented than you are?
  9. Consider how much you disagree with other people about so many issues, even really important ones.  Have you considered that the odds are good that you’re the one whose beliefs are false about many of those issues?
  10. Why do you care so much about the way you look?  Do you really think that other people care that much about your appearance?
  11. Have you considered that in just a few decades you’ll be dead, and probably just a few people will remember you and the things you accomplished?  And even if some folks do remember you fondly, what good will that do you?
  12. Have you considered that when the news of your death gets around, some people may actually be happy that you’re finally gone?

Have a nice day!

2 Responses to “Reality Check Questions for a Narcissistic Culture”

  1. Jeremy Nordmoe


    ….And I love when folks
    Look right at me
    And what I’m doing
    Or have done
    And lay it on about
    How groovy I am
    And that I’m looking grand
    And every single word
    Makes me think I’ll live forever
    Never knowing that they probably
    Won’t remember what they said tomorrow
    Tomorrow I could be dead…

    “The lust, the flesh,The eyes, and the pride of life”
    -Mike Roe (the 77’s)
    © 1986 Fools Of The World, LTD. (ASCAP)

  2. Brandon


    The best and most ironic part of this post is “Have a nice day!” Reading this makes me feel (rightly) smaller and either angry or disappointed because I am prideful and actually want the things that this post talks about. But if I ask the questions and apply them to the way I live, I may actually have a nice day.


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