Amy and I are celebrating the fact that this week Wisdom and Folly passed the 100,000 visits mark.  Woo hoo!  To celebrate we want to award our 100,000th visitor with a special prize:  Two tickets to the 2012 Super Bowl.  So if you were that lucky person, all you need to do is send us proof that you were our 100,000th visitor, and we’ll reserve those tickets for you.  Awesome!  What?  You’re “not into” football?  Too bad.  If you don’t like it, then sell them and use the money to buy a Harley Davidson Fat Boy or something, you peevish ingrate.  Good grief.  You just can’t please some people…

We launched this blog way back in July 2008, when George Bush was still president, The Dark Knight was a box office smash, and Vampire Weekend’s first album was magically uniting preppy socialites and indy-rock wallflowers.  Ah, those were the days.  Amazing how time flies.

Now how to commemorate this achievement?  I mean, dang, 100,000 people—that could almost fill the University of Michigan “Big House” football stadium.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot…you’re “not into” football.  Jerk.

Anyway, how to commemorate this event…  Okay, I’ve got it.  I’ll interview my co-blogger (and awesome wife), Amy Spiegel.  She says she’s “busy” but I think I can pull her away to answer a few questions.  Here goes:

Jim: So, Amy, pretty cool that W&F has had 100,000 visits, eh?

Amy: Yeah, I guess so.

Jim: I mean, that shows that people are actually reading our stuff, right?

Amy: Some of them, I suppose.  But a lot of those people probably just read the first paragraph and then move on with their real life. That’s what I do with other people’s blogs. But you won’t tell anyone, right?

Jim: Of course not.

Amy: Great.  Are we done now?

Jim: What?  Don’t you want to talk more about the blog?

Amy: I dunno.  Maybe we could talk about it when I am not trying to make dinner?

Jim: Okay, fine.  But bear with me here.  Don’t you think we should be happy that people read our blog?

Amy: Yes, good, I’m happy.

Jim: So…what was a high point for you in our blogging life?

Amy: Blogging life? Is that really a phrase, “blogging life”?

Jim: Why is that so weird?  Blogging is part of our life, isn’t it?

Amy: Yes, but we haven’t become those people who “live” online, have we?

Jim: Well, I don’t mean it to sound like that.

Amy: Then just say what you mean, honey.

Jim: Um, what was your favorite post we did?

Amy: One of yours.  I like all of your posts.

Jim: But you don’t even read all of my posts.

Amy: Well, not all of them.  But I like all the ones I do read.

Jim: Which one did you like best?

Amy: I don’t know, probably any of the ones where you discuss Jane Austen or Alfred Hitchcock.

Jim: Uh huh.  But—

Amy: Look, I need to get back to making dinner.  Could you go to the grocery store and get some butter?

Jim: Sure.

Amy: I love you, honey-bunny.

Jim: I love you too, honey-bunny.


8 Responses to “Wisdom & Folly Hits 100,000!”

  1. Lee Bell


    Congratulations! If I win may I have Atlanta Braves tickets in lieu of your offer?

  2. Ben Lesperance


    How am I supposed to know if I’m the 100,000? Or is this whole thing just a ploy? Go Lions!

    • Jim Spiegel


      You raise a difficult epistemological question. I suppose one’s answer will depend on one’s theory of knowledge and, perhaps, the nature of epistemic justification. Let us know when you’ve sorted that out, then we’ll consider your claim to the prize. Now put that in your NFC North pipe and smoke it. Go Lions, indeed. You BEARS fans are always picking on us!!!

  3. Bill Heth


    Jim, just happened to keep on reading this after skimming your Bell post, and smiled at your interchange with Amy. Susie would respond with even less enthusiasm over my excitement about “what the Greek” says. I don’t get as excited as much about that anymore either, because so often it is not much different than what English translations say when read in context. Cheers on 100,000. Very cool.


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