Here’s a review of a new biography of Frank Sinatra.  The greatest male vocalist of the 20th century wasn’t interesting just for his singing.  His life off the stage and away from the studio was a fascinating tumultuous drama.

Here is an interesting essay on Galileo, which shows us a different side of one of the founders of modern science.  And it suggests yet another way in which aesthetic concerns have been pivotal in the history of science.

And from the department of “stranger than fiction” comes this bizarre, serpentine tale of criminal intrigue.  It shouldn’t be long before this is adapted to the silver screen—that is, if its complex plot can be made intelligible to viewers.

Lastly, after the Chicago Bears’ loss to Green Bay last week, sports journalists piled on Jay Cutler like a pack of hyenas on a gimpy gazelle.  I was astounded to hear sports commentators draw hasty conclusions and slam the Bears’ QB for lacking courage and toughness.  Wow.  Golden Rule, anyone?  Anyway, here’s one level-headed sports journalist who is getting it right.

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