Brief comments on film by Amy.
Some old, some new.  Domestic films and foreign too.

(500) Days of Summer:  A friend saw this movie a while back and told me she was still trying to decide whether or not she liked it. After having seen it, I know what she means. I think part of the problem is that it is too cute to be a serious drama but too dramatic to be a romantic comedy. The soundtrack is amazing, and the acting is good; there are just a few moments that take you out of the film and throw off your suspension of disbelief. Still, with all the swill coming out of Hollywood, this definitely rises to the top, however faint that praise might be.

Ghosts of Rwanda:  If you are as ignorant as I was about the horrible genocide that occurred in Rwanda in the Spring and Summer of 1994, this Frontline documentary is the film to see. I felt frustrated at times by what seemed to be the filmmaker’s desire to blame those in the West who did little or nothing to stop the violence more than those who actually committed the acts. This could very well be my Western guilt talking, and certainly more could and should have been done. The film does do a good job of praising those who bravely acted to save others.

The Brothers Bloom:  A clever wanna-be. I couldn’t decide if this film was trying to tell me something about the meaning of life or trying to tell me that there is no meaning at all. I seem to be having this experience a lot lately in film watching, and one might begin to question whether it is the movies or the viewer that is the problem. It reminds me of a remark I heard once about Angela Lansbury—when every time an old lady shows up at a dinner party someone ends up dead, you have to start wondering about the old lady and not the guests. Back to the topic at hand, The Brothers Bloom was a good ride. Just don’t stop to think about it too much; or think about it a lot harder than I did.

Honorable Mention:  Foyle’s War—I just can’t get enough of this BBC murder series set in England’s southern coast during WWII. I usually figure out whodunnit before Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle does, and then I try to recall the other BBC series in which I have seen the supporting cast members until he catches up with me.

Dishonorable Mentions:  All About Steve and Extract—What is up with movies having better soundtracks than scriptwriting? Both of these were “ugh” worthy.

Somewhere in between:  The Princess and the Frog—I took Maggie and Andrew to see this one, and they enjoyed it. Overall, it was pretty good but I was taken aback by the creepy demon henchmen of the voodoo bad guy. In the end, I would rather have saved the popcorn and candy money (not to mention the actual price of admission) and waited for The Tooth Fairy. I have a serious weakness for Dwayne Johnson.

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  1. Nick


    Not the Tooth Fairy! Anything but that…although, it does have Billy Crystal so perhaps that is a redeeming value.

  2. Kaitlyn Dugan


    Mrs. Spiegel – I’m trusting that you were semi-serious by making that statement because I have such a soft spot for the Rock 🙂


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