Brief comments on film by Amy.
Some old, some new.  Domestic films and foreign too.

Crazy Heart: May was a very good month for movie watching, at least at the Spiegel household. I can’t believe I saw so many films that I actually liked.  In fact, I didn’t just like some of them but—dare I even say it—I loved them. I certainly loved Crazy Heart, as in heart-beating-rapidly, too-good-to-be true loved. It was well acted, well written, touching yet realistic, gritty but redemptive. I am gushing…must stop now. Great flick! For once the Academy got it right. (Did I mention the super soundtrack?)

A Serious Man:  I can’t say that A Serious Man gave me that weak-in-the-knees feeling I got while watching Jeff Bridges drink himself silly, but it was a very well done movie. After watching the extra features, Jim suggested that the Cohen brothers’ message might be nihilistic, but I am not convinced. Maybe it is one of the powers of film that the same movie can have different meanings to different viewers, different even from what the makers intended to convey. Kind of like life—one man’s meaningless tragedy is another’s providential statement.

The Young Victoria:  Being obsessed with Victorian literature, I had to see this one. I fear my judgment might be somewhat clouded by my googly-eyed love for the period, but I really enjoyed this film as well. It condenses an enormous amount of history and thus feels a bit rushed at times but not so much so that you aren’t able to get a sense of the historic characters and the their times. (For a more lengthy series on the Queen, try A&E’s 2001 mini series, Victoria and Albert. Neither the clothes nor the people are as pretty but its informative and well produced.) What did people do to learn history before the movies came along?

Mentions:  Chuck—It maybe only television, but it is great television. Not only is it funny and well written but the characters are nice people that you are glad to “know,” well, except for the international terrorists but they all die or get put in jail at the end, so… I have managed to watch two seasons in less than a month and am still catching up on Season Three.  Tooth Fairy—Our number two son has been counting down the days for the release of this one on DVD. Definitely not a “must-own” but worthy of the Friday night rental.  The Queen—I had to think really hard about whether I actually watched this one to the end; probably not a good sign. It was interesting to know more about the political atmosphere in England at the time of Princess Diana’s death, but I don’t really get the whole obsession with royalty thing. I mean who obsesses over someone just because they happen to be born into a certain family or wear cool clothes…right?

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  1. Koert



    I watched A Serious Man with some friends and had the exact same conversation afterward. I’ll admit, I am more inclined to go with your husband in labeling it nihilistic. However, I think every one of my friends I watched it with brought a different view to the table. The Cohen Brothers are brilliant and this movie was no exception!

  2. Zane


    I really liked A Serious Man as well. I thought the parallels to the story of Job were what made it most interesting, though with a different ending to the story. You’re right though, you can come up with your own meaning in a lot of ways…that was good though, it made me think a little harder after I finished watching.


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