1. Facebook Enemies – Have a lot of friends on Facebook?  Would you like to establish a few enemies as well?  You’re not alone.  Take a look at this recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

2. About Face – Speaking of Facebook, check out this excellent Touchstone article by my friend, and CIU professor, Steve Baarendse, who offers a (baker’s) dozen reasons why he is not on Facebook.  Interesting stuff, which will prompt some healthy critical reflections on all of your on-line activity, whether or not you’re part of Facebook nation.

3. Billy Corgan on Dissent – I never was a big Smashing Pumpkins fan (though I do own Siamese Dream), but I sure found myself cheering as I watched this fascinating InfoWars interview with the band’s front man.  If more people thought like this, we could really have some productive public discourse in this country.

4. Zombie Town Detroit! – Here’s a wild and crazy (and potentially profitable) idea to bring some renewal to Detroit.  Critics think the proposal for a Zombie theme park is exploitative and insensitive.  Judge for yourself.

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  1. Matt


    Thanks for the link to the Corgan interview. I agree with your assessment. What do you know about InfoWars? I’ve never heard of them.


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